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Castaway Musicians 

We are so fortunate to have a number of talented musicians that are members of the Southernmost Coconut Castaways!  Below are our member musicians with links to their websites.  Check them out!


Howard Livingston is well-known nationally as a successful singer, songwriter, and performer of trop rock music.  He and the Mile Marker 24 Band live and perform primarily in the Florida Keys.  Howie has been the recipient of ten Trop Rock Music Association’s awards, including Trop Rock Entertainer of The Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Band of the Year.

He and his wife Cyndy are original members of the Southernmost Coconut Castaways, and the Southernmost Coconut Castaways are the official "friend club" of Howie and the Mile Marker 24 Band.

Check out Howie's website at -


The Shanty Hounds are Dani Hoy and Key West Chris Rehm.  Professional performing songwriters separately, the two are a blast as a duo.  Highly entertaining, they perform a variety of songs to please any crowd. 

Dani and Chris live in Key West, and as each are singers, songwriters, and performers, they team up to bring great music and enjoyment wherever they play.

Check out their website at -


A country girl heart and gypsy soul - Erica Sunshine Lee brings a kick of rock and roll and a splash of the islands!  With a unique gritty country-rock alto voice, she adds warmth in her fun and upbeat escape island music.  Her songwriting talent covers the spectrum from country to outlaw to pop and tropical rock.

Erica Sunshine Lee is the 2020, 2021 & 2022 Trop Rock Music Association Female Vocalist of the year!

Check out her website at -


Singer/Songwriter Roger Jokela is a Wisconsin native and a veteran of the Nashville music scene who has made the move to the Florida Keys. 

Roger’s music is a blend of country, trop rock and western swing that will keep your foot tapping and your face smiling.

Check out his website at -


Born in Richmond Virginia, Ericson began playing blues and boogie piano on the East coast.  Ericson now lives in Key West, playing the Florida Keys as well as traveling nationally.

 “ … an exceptional vocalist and an emotionally vivid songwriter …. his tightly crafted material  moves  from  smoking roots rock to New Orleans jive to revved up country shuffles …think Jackson Browne with more swagger.”  -Nashville Scene .

Check out his website at -


Brian Fields & Michelle Tafoya, who go by the band name B-Man & mi-Shell, live the island life in Key West, Florida.    

B-Man & mi-Shell are a husband and wife music duo who write, produce, perform and share their music both nationally and internationally.   They play a wide assortment of music to include Rock, Country Rock, Beach Country, Country, Blues, Jazz and Americana.  They have had many refer to their music as a “Nautical Americana” style sound.   

Check out their website at -


Gary Hempsey lives in Key West Florida and plays regularly island wide as well as around the world.  Gary plays adult acoustic alternative, from soft acoustic to cutting edge shading influences from all the artist he interprets.  He has also produced four CDs of original songs with each track telling a story and taking you on a ride.  Gary plays solo and also with the Happy Dog band and the Hippie Band. 

For more about Gary visit his website at-


A show-stopping vocalist and sharp songwriter, Nick Norman brings humor, heart, southern storytelling, and soulful swagger to the country genre. It's a sound that began taking shape in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina.  Nick began recording songs as a teenager, working inside a makeshift studio that he constructed with lifelong friend Lee Brice in the pump house of a local church camp. He later moved south to Key West, where he established himself as one of the area's strongest draws. 

For more about Nick, visit his website at - Nick Norman (


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