Q: Is this event the same as previous “Meet Me In The Keys”?

A: Yes, it is the same event with a new name. We changed the name in 2023.  We’ll still enjoy lots of fun activities, seeing lots of old friends and meeting new ones, and raising funds for the kids! So please join us as we “Castaway to The Keys”!

Q: Is Howie performing the event this year?

A: Unfortunately, Howie is not available to perform at our event this year, however we have a fantastic line-up of incredible musicians that we know will provide great entertainment for our club.

Q: Is the money raised still going to KOA Care Camps for Kids?

A: Absolutely!  All funds raised will be donated to KOA Care Camps for Kids.  

Q.  What if my plans change and I can't attend...may I get a refund?

A.  Sorry, no. But the money from the cancelled reservation will be donated to KOA Care Camps! If you find you can't attend let us know ASAP so we can offer your spot to someone on the waitlist.

Q.  May I bring my kids with me?

A.  All attendees must be at least 21 years of age.

Q.  How can I make sure I have the most current event information?

A.  Watch your email and visit this website often for updates.

Q: When does registration begin?

A: Registration opens January 2, 2024.  

Q: When does registration close?

A: Registration closes May 4, 2024.  

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